foundation black leopard appaloosa horses


My Philosophy on Breeding

I am attempting, with the  use of several leopard bloodlines already established by previous breeders, to breed black leopard foundation appaloosas.  I am concentrating on the color, conformation and disposition - I want all my horses to be homozygous for the black gene, with the leopard or near-leopard spotted pattern, and I want really good conformation - I dont want halter horses, I want riding horses, that can go out and work hard in various disciplines and stay strong and live til they are old. Bloodlines I like are the Ghostwind horses - I would love a pasture full of horse that all look like the Money Creek Rockledge/Peppers Shamrock/Siri Shiek/Arab Toswirah Alkhar style of horse - great conformation, good balanced body, good legs, strong but elegant, nice heads without coarseness, and quiet dispositions which give them the ability to do any job asked of them. Frank Scripter used alot of Money Creeks bloodlines in his leopard breeding program and I am lucky enough to have had several of Franks mares. I am also a fan of the Ulrich leopard bloodlines and I also have a couple of their breeding.   My former stallion has seven leopard bloodlines including Money Creek Rockledge in his pedigree and looks alot like a re-incarnation of Rockledge, even down to the four spots on the right rump in the handprint/bearpaw pattern - compare the two below, Money Creek Rockledge on the left, BBR My Regal King on the right:

My Ideal horse.

I want it all. I want great black leopard coat patterns that consistantly breed true from generation to generation. I want excellent conformation - if you mentally take away that stunning coat color and pretend its just a plain color i want to be able to say that its conformation is really excellent - I have seen too many people go color-blind and forfeited good conformation for color - I want both. I also want a horse with a quiet, sensible and intelligent disposition - my horses are not bred specifically to do one job, so I want a horse with the williness to learn anything I want it to do - and I want it adaptable enough to learn new things easily. I want a horse that will not just be a worker, but also a trusted companion. Yep, I do want it all.

All horses at the leopard centre are tested for color, and are all 5-panel tested NEGATIVE, and have been since 2016.